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As you begin building your fleet, the up-front costs can potentially create a short-term financial strain. That is why commercial financing is vital to keep payments spread out and manageable over a longer period of time. Of course, commercial financing is more involved than the consumer-direct financing process and there are multiple options when it comes to choosing a payment plan that fits the needs of your business.

As you explore commercial fleet financing in Tampa FL, it’s important you consider all options and avenues. While traditional financing is available, there also are open-end and closed-end lease options that will change the outlook of your recurring payments and help ensure your business has the capital to take advantage of all the latest and greatest opportunities from Ford Fleet.

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Business Fleet Financing: What Fleet Managers Need

When choosing to finance your fleet, it’s important you are prepared. For businesses seeking an auto loan for their fleets, there are a few pieces of important information necessary to ensure the loan process goes smoothly. Of course, you’ll need basic contact information about your business, but business and commercial fleet financing may also require the following information:

  • List of all key owners (owners with 20% ownership in business)
  • Dealership invoice with purchase price
  • Tax ID number
  • Number of employees
  • Annual net & gross profit
  • List of outstanding obligations

Many times, lenders will also require additional information about the vehicles you plan to finance and background information about the owner of the company.

Commercial Leasing in Florida

For businesses looking for an alternative to commercial fleet financing, there are commercial leasing options in Tampa FL. Both closed-end and open-end leases provide their own sets of benefits that our dedicated fleet specialists can help you fully understand.

In short, closed-end leases are also referred to as “walk-away leases” since they are structured to allow lessees to return their vehicles at the conclusion of the agreement. As a business owner, you will receive money based on the residual value of the vehicles, which can be used as equity toward a new lease. That said, there are often mileage limits on closed-ended leases.

Open-ended leases are less structured in terms of the lease’s conclusion. At the beginning of an open-ended lease, the Ford Fleet and the leasing business will agree upon an estimated residual value of the vehicles. Depending on the condition of the vehicles over the life of the lease, that residual value may be higher or lower than that original estimate, meaning either the dealership or the leasing company will have to pay the difference to the other entity.

Whether you are searching for commercial fleet financing in Tampa FL or you’d like to explore your fleet financing options, Ford Fleet’s dedicated fleet specialists are on site to help owners find a plan that is right for their businesses.

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Top Companies Mean Best Options

For Commercial Financing we have (1) main source that finances in a business name: Ford Credit. They are able to offer financing in the business name solely (for well established companies with lending history), or 3rd party guaranteed where an officer of the company backs the business (but doesn't show on their personal credit report). These are both a big advantage over financing company vehicles in your personal name.

Ford Credit offers a variety of options, all of them flexible to meet your changing business requirements. Take a look and compare options here.

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